How to deep neat your mattress?

Despite most people never give it a proper washing, the condition of the mattress plays a major role in our mental health and physical wellness. The good news – it is absolutely possible to rely on chemical-free cleaning with natural simple products.

At first, open the windows to keep the space around fresh.

Then let’s continue with a vacuum process in the room. Hoover the top of your mattress and also all of its sides.

Make a very easy natural and fresh mixture of baking soda/1 cup/ and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Shake the fluid and leave it over the mattress. You will see the magic results after the bed is already dry. After vacuuming the baking soda you must be sure that the sleeping space, where we spend a third of our life is really clean, fresh, without dust, allergens and pollution.

If you have to struggle with stains the effective combinations would be baking soda, salt and water. Make a paste and let it sit while you wash the other dwellings at home. Then wipe away with a clean and dry cloth.

This special place-mattress is already ready to meet all of your requirements for health and nice relaxing moments.