About *C*FP

People often want to know why Clean Funny Pics page was started, what was hoped it would become, what vision there was for it long term. The simple answer to those questions are CFPs began as a place to store clean, funny pictures. A place for a few friends to check out the latest funny picture, crazy caption or zany status update, while at the same time being completely free from vulgarity.

On August 15, 2011, CFP was born. From there it slowly grew, encountering a few changes here and there, eventually becoming what it is today.

Over time, requests came in for CFPs to make pages on Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter. From there, a blog was created. We are currently working on a phone app.


Snail Mail:
PO Box 7603
Warner Robins, GA 31088


Temporarily unavailable. The lines are being cleaned.

Morse Code:
Not available until I repair my Morse code machine

Smoke Signal:
Only on Tuesdays and Fridays

Carrier Pigeon:
Send it to the PO Box mentioned above

Two Cans and a String:
Hmmm… Not so reliable.

Donations For The Time And Focus I Put In The Page And Blog Are Greatly Appreciated. (I am in no way asking for a donation of any kind, there have been people who’ve asked, so the info is here for them)

Please Send To submissions@cleanfunnypics.com Via Paypal Or Via Snailmail to
Clean Funny Pics
Po Box 7603
Warner Robins, Ga 31095-7603

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