Glow Sticks are NOT for chewing…

I never cease to amaze myself…

Yesterday we went to Stone Mountain Park. Spent the day doing all sorts of things, but the best part of Stone Mountain is ending the day at the laser show on Memorial Lawn.

Each time you go, as the sun goes down, out come the sales people with their glow in the dark wares. Glow sticks, glow necklaces, light up butterflies, light up swords, headbands, balloons – the whole nine yards. And of course – they’re crazy expensive. So, to save money – I buy glow sticks before we go and when the sun goes down – we crack them open, have fun and we’ve saved money. This year I bought two tubes of bracelets. We connected them and made necklaces, I had some hanging in my hair, the boys twirled them – we had a nice time with them.

Then – on the way home… I … got … bored …

At times my boredom expresses itself in creative ways, but when in a car… at night… with not a lot to do…. well…

I hooked all the bracelets together and hung them from the visor and let them dangle in front of me. Then I noticed that there were parts of some of the bracelets that weren’t glowing. In my boredom, I tried to break them more to make those places glow.

Near the ends of the bracelets were the hardest parts to break. Hmmm… How could I get them broken here?… I, without thinking (obviously) bit the ends to break them. (Yes, ME – not the 8 or 10-year-old in my care…. Me.) The plastic is thick right? So, no worries….

I’m crunching them – they do make a crunch sound. Kind of like if one were to chew broken glass… “Tom, what were to happen if these break and I swallowed some of the stuff inside? chomp chomp chomp “Is it poison?” crunch crunch

“I don’t know honey, but why don’t you not bite them and then it’s not a problem…”

“But,” chomp chomp chomp “I want to make them glow and …” crunch crunch“This is the only way” chomp

He put his hand on me, “Honey, can you please just not bite them…”

See, he lives with my klutziness and the if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen to Shelley lifestyle. He often tries to prevent impending doom.

So, I reluctantly stopped biting them. The fact that they weren’t evenly glowing was kicking in my OCD, but I let well enough alone…


“Ew… There’s a weird taste in my mouth… I hope I didn’t break one.” I picked one up, examined it. “Maybe I’m just psyching myself out… My mouth’s not glowing is it?” grin

“No… ” Tom says, “Just drink something… They didn’t break, so you couldn’t have swallowed any….”

I drink, we keep driving….


I look down and notice my skirt was glowing… and my hand… and my arm… and my shirt… and…

“Oh Tom!! I did break one… Oh my goodness – I’m glowing!! … Oh my word… I hope these things are non-toxic!!…”

Trying not to panic…

“Google it on your phone, see what the internet says…”

I’m Googling – can’t really find anything then see “relatively harmless, but the glass tubing inside the plastic tubing creates shards of glass that can cause problems if ingested… may cause rash on skin… will burn eyes….”

*No wonder it felt like chewing glass…. *

Tom says, “We should stop at the ER on the way home, just to make sure…”


I look up the phone number for poison control.

“Hello. Poison Control. This is Chris – how may I help you?”

“Yes. Uhm…. I’m 37 years old and I’m and idiot… We just left Stone Mountain and I chewed on a glow stick and it busted… and I was wondering…”

“They’re harmless. They may taste bad, so rinse your mouth, brush your teeth and drink some water. You’ll be fine… They wouldn’t give those to kids if they were dangerous – do you think?”

“Well, no… but who’s going to look at one of those and think it’s a good idea to chew one?”


Yeah. He had a point. I get off the phone and tell my husband what he said and then added…

“So basically it’s only stupid kids that chew these things….”

Tom looks at me…. “Well…. Yeah.”

“So what you’re saying is that I’m stupid and I’m a kid…”


I busted out laughing then gave my usual answer of “Fine.”

I was still bored…. I picked up the busted glow stick and started drawing all over myself with it… And the dash… Then I got another one…

Tom says “What are you doing?”

“Breaking another one… I want to make myself glow now that I know they’re non toxic…” I’m drawing on myself and then added… “But the net did say it has shards of glass in it and can cause a rash on the skin…”

Tom’s astonished. “And you’re rubbing it on your skin??”


“Okay.” I say “I’ll stop.”

We drive along and Harrison starts talking about how when he thinks about someone having a rash it makes him itchy.

I say “Well, yeah, I do that too sometimes – you’re not really itchy though. Basically it’s psychosomatic.”

Harrison says, “What’s psychosomatic?”

I opened my mouth to answer him, but before I could, Tom says “Well, let’s say you’re chewing on a glow stick….”


Lessons learned:
1) Glow Sticks are Non-Toxic
2) Glow Sticks contain Shards of Glass
3) Glow Sticks are NOT for chewing
4) The insides of Glow Sticks taste bad
5) If a Glow Stick breaks, do not draw on yourself with it. scratch scratch itch It does cause a rash.

-and most important-

6) When you do something stupid, your husband isn’t going to let you live it down.

“Well, Tom, I have learned something tonight…”

“I should hope so… So have I… Actually Honey, you’ve taught me a great many things…”

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  • Elizabeth Figglehorn

    Wow, I swear you’re like a future version of me! All of this reminds me so of myself! Thanks for the smiles! 😀


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