This website and Facebook page will feature clean pictures, jokes, humor, stories, quips, and maybe some videos. According to the dictionary, “Clean” means ‘without objectionable LANGUAGE or OBSCENITY.’ That means that there will be no pics with bad language, sexual content, or innuendos.

We guarantee clean content – not mind control. We are not responsible for the thoughts that pop in your head. We post clean pictures and can only guarantee its cleanliness. If a picture makes you think an unclean thought or you perceive as an offense in some way –  that’s on you – not us.

There will be no pictures making fun of people. Pictures of someone doing something not too bright or their different choices, sure, but pics that are for the sole purpose of making fun- no. (For instance, someone’s choice of clothing or style – Lady Gaga for example or Emma Watson’s choice of hairstyle – those things are considered – by ME to be ‘different’ choices and will be poked and funned) Ridiculous jokes about whole groups – as long as not racist or bigoted – may pop up from time to time. (Hence, no pics making fun of someones looks or beliefs. Examples would be Justin Beiber, Stephenie Meyer, Rebecca Black, etc. Jokes that poke fun at Twilight fans, Bronies, Hunger Game fans, Bieber fans, etc not withstanding) There will also be no scatological  humor (off-colour humour dealing with defecation, urination, flatulence, vomiting and other bodily functions) and I treat the f*rt word the same way I treat the “F” word, it is not allowed.



B) NO “FIRST” POSTS (or second, third, ninety, middle, last, etc…) You may or may not get a warning, just depends on my mood. Repeat offenders will be banned. ANY NOTATION OR INDICATION OF LOCATION OF A COMMENT COUNTS AS A FIRST POST. This means ‘middle’ or ‘last’ or ‘almost last’ or any other wisenheimer remark. (Why do you find ‘first’ posts so annoying? I’m so glad you asked. When someone comments or likes on the page, I get a notification. When there are hundreds of thousands of people on the page – interacting and having fun – the notifications aren’t a big deal. But when you log in and 9/10ths of the notifications are from someone who said “first” and has not in any way contributed to the conversation… Well, you’d not like them either… Plus, if you’re the first person to comment, can’t everyone see that you’re first? Seems repetitive and redundant if you ask me… Generally, first posts are made by kids -who have no business on FB – or immature people.) Stating that you’re the first ‘like’ is the same as a first post.
(Q. What is a first? A.

Tree( NO SWEAR WORDS AND/OR FOUL LANGUAGE IN THE COMMENTS. This is clean so we can enjoy and look at these pics without worry that children who are with us will see anything obscene. Words with partial grawlix in them that clearly spell out a cuss word are not allowed. Grawlixes alone – to express frustration – are allowed.
I once superglued my eye shut and another time I accidentally pulled out all my eyelashes.

For example: Not allowed: Well, drn!
Allowed: @#$%&
(Q. What is a grawlix? A. )
Your foot is the same length as the section of your arm from your wrist to the crook of your elbow!

Forth) NO NAME CALLING OR BLATANT INSULTING. 99% of the time, these type comments are hidden and cannot be seen by anyone but the person who left the comment and their poor unfortunate friends. So, it’s kind of pointless. Do it and you will be banned.
Have you seen our 404 page? I hope not, because that means something is broken, so… check it out!

Boron) NO “YOU CALL THAT CLEAN?” COMMENTS. I posted it, obviously I call it clean. Your commentary is neither required nor helpful and will get you banned as soon as I or one of the admins see it.

2³) NO SPAM AND CHAIN LETTER TYPE COMMENTS. SPAM, chain-comments, or in general flooding the threads are not allowed and not tolerated. These result in immediate banning. Comments with hyperlinks, or links to other pages on Facebook are auto hidden. They are not unhidden until a member of the admin team gets around to unhiding them – assuming they’re okay to be unhidden.
The first man that went over Niagra Falls and survived later died from slipping on an orange peel. Crazy!

VII) NO ADS FOR YOUR PAGE OR A FRIENDS PAGE. Do not post links to your page, or any page, asking people to like your page. As I just said, they’re auto hidden anyway, so it’s pointless. Generally, they just stay hidden and only you can see them. Repeat offenders will be banned. You wouldn’t walk up to a complete stranger in the mall and ask them to tell people to like you – so don’t do it on the net either. If you want to get followers to your page, you have to do it the hard way, like the rest of us. It takes time, doesn’t happen overnight, and repeated requests like that become an annoyance turning people off to your page. Clean Funny Pics does not do cross promotion with any page or pages on Facebook except for their own pages or the pages of people the personally know. The one time we decided to go ahead and do it, the page ended up using us, stealing from us and bad mouthing us. It’s just not worth it.

Nien) CORRECT GRAMMAR AT YOUR OWN RISK.  If you are a Hyper-Corrector/Grammar Nazi/Grammar Cop etc – You have been put on notice. Yes, I know it seems like I made some typos. 
I said ‘blob’, misspelled several words and I am aware that 2³ is 8, not 6. These aren’t mistakes and are very much intentional. Hyper-correctors are not welcome here – unless they refrain from hyper-correcting. Hyper-correct and you may get banned.The hyper-correctors seem to have taken over the asylum and we’re tired of the abuse. You see 1 post I make. I see hundreds of comments and/or get emails for just about every one of them. What you perceive as just one small comment is actually 1 out of 50 to 100 more exactly like it. We are here – FREE of charge – providing you with a service. We would like you to provide us with less abuse and a little more respect. It becomes less and less enjoyable the more we are corrected on what appear to be errors, or errors we didn’t make or innocent typos. If you feel the need to correct something – don’t. This is the internet, not a a school. My page is for fun and silliness, it’s not a classroom. Keep your comments about spelling and grammar to yourself. If you don’t, you may get a warning, you may get banned. It’s a crap shoot, so correct at your own risk. (Please note, commenting that you want to correct or that you are resisting the urge to correct, or similar is the same thing as a correction and will get you banned.) If you’d like to complain, please submit a complaint to

Lead) Regarding things offensive… Guns, pictures of guns, hunting and the like are NOT OFFENSIVE. Posting these type of pictures are also NOT political. If you find them offensive or think they’re political – you won’t like this page. If you leave a comment that brings political into it – I will reply and you will have successfully turned it political. But, I didn’t do that – you did.
My daddy was a pistol and I’m a son of a gun – even though I’m a woman…

Elevendy) Notice to animal rights activists-
If you’re an animal rights activist and you see something you feel is abuse, email me your concerns. I can assure you, no animals are truly being harmed in any of these photos. Anyone who accuses me of animal abuse will be banned. Period. I find it insulting that anyone would accuse me of such because of the love I have for animals. I love animals so much that I’d have 10 more as pets if I could and spent most of my childhood rescuing and nursing animals back to health. I do it now should the need arise. I do not abuse animals or condone the abusing of animals. A woman (me) who got up every 2 hours a night to feed baby rats and gerbils because their mother had too many in the litter, and during the day carried around those same babies in her bra to keep them warm and near a heartbeat, so they would be comforted and not die, is not a woman who abuses animals. I may ‘joke’ about things, but they’re jokes. I will not, however, EVER put an animal or an animal’s safety above a human. IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you put me on any sort of mailing list or anything of this nature, about animal abuse, it is harassment and will be reported to the authorities. Harassment through the US Mail is considered a Federal Offense.

If you don’t like these rules or don’t think you can follow them, you have two choices. Leave or (V ಠ_ಠ)> Get. Out. (Most places only offer you one choice. I’m offering two. You should be grateful…)

If you feel you’ve been banned and would like to be re-instated, send an email to and plead your case. It’s best if you not get banned because Facebook doesn’t allow me to search through the banned list and that often makes people hard to find.

*I reserve the right to change the rules whenever, wherever and however I so choose. It’s my right as the page owner and a woman. Deal with it.


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